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Wedding on 23 April :
Miss Lenoir :
Thank you for your quick service!
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Wedding on 3 September :
Miguel :
The result is truly excellent. Likewise, the X structure is an excellent idea. Many thanks once again to your whole team.
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Wedding on 2 July :
Mrs Bourgeois :
I have just received the table plan which I had ordered for 2 July, and wanted to thank you for your excellent work. I am truly delighted.
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Wedding on 5 March :
Leydi and Florent :
We have just received the seating plan. It is just amazing!!! Thank you.
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Wedding on 5 March :
Stephanie and Nicolas :
We are delighted with the result! The plan is truly as we had imagined it to be. Everything is perfect. Thank you.
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Wedding on 4 September :
Sophie and Erwan :
It is impeccable! Thanks again for all your work.
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Wedding on 18 December :
Dounia :
Perfect! Thank you for your reception, advice and responsiveness. It is so rare these days! Keep up the good work!
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We are very satisfied with the service.
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Wedding table plan - The seating plan solution for your wedding

Your big day coming soon? For your seating plan, we are proposing a tailor-made product which will wow your guests: a personalised printed table plan, on the billboard of your choice!

Your personalised printed table plan!

Seating plan for weddings and events

3 steps for a successful table plan:

  1. Allocate your guests to tables
  2. Give each of your tables an exclusive name
  3. Send your order through to our website

You will receive your personalised printed seating plan directly at your door !
free table plan

Yes, I want my personalised roll-up table plan, printed on large format billboard!
CATALOGUE OF IMAGES : In need of ideas or inspiration? Have a look at our examples of table plans !

A smart solution to make your life easier:

1. A complete solution

From your personalised table plan, to table names to menu and place cards… Everything is considered to give you a personalised solution which is best suited to your needs and to make your event a memorable success...

Wedding table plan
Example of table plan

2. A personalised service at your fingertips…

It is your wedding, not anyone else! Your friends know you best and expect a decor that reflects you… Look for a theme and features that suit you, using our system of personalised order… You have a broad range of colours, motifs, backgrounds, borders, writing, paper, supports, stickers and fonts to choose from, so that nothing is left to chance!

3. Large format prints and billboards

We print the look that you have chosen for your seating plan, with the names of the wedding couple, your tables and your guests. We then put it onto a billboard of good quality to enable you to place it anywhere in your reception room without any problem! Its adaptable form allows it to be seen clearly by many guests at the same time... That way it prevents delays and people getting in the way of others!

personalise table plan

4. A choice of smart billboards

For printing your table plan, menu or even table name signs, we offer a range of billboards with different formats for a guaranteed fantastic effect:
  • Easel stand and printed sign : classic and traditional
  • The roll-up canvass: practical and smart
  • The X banner: simple and effective(also available in bamboo)
  • Kakemono: classic and economic
See prices and delivery times
wedding table name card
Contact us for your ideal layout

5. A team at your service: available and responsive!

Our entire team is at your service to give you full satisfaction. We guarantee follow-up, production and dispatch of your personalised order from 1 to 7 days depending on your needs, and we are prepared for any queries or contingencies.

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See our solution for a ready-made table plan
Try our system to create your own personalised table plan!

I am ordering my tailor-made personalised table plan!

Summary: Wedding Table Plan allows you to plan the wedding seating plan of your dreams! Here we have exclusive looks to suit your needs. All you have to do is to put your personalised order onto our website: everything is done to make your life easier! You will get fast delivery directly at your door. In short, wedding-table-plan.com is the ideal online solution to plan your wedding seating plan in total ease and comfort!

* Total Price, excl. delivery

This home page offers you our solution for creating your own personalised seating plan for your wedding... If you are looking specifically for information on one of these: Wedding table plans, seating arrangement, wedding theme, table names, place names, special ink pens, assorted seating plan cards, wedding reception menus, etc. Well, you are in the right place!

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